Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Egg diet for weight loss is a kind of low-calorie diet with high proteins and low carbs. Eggs are the main component of this diet which are the main source of protein. You may find some variations of this diet. The simple version will have only eggs to eat during the day. We will discuss the egg diet for weight loss and how effective it is to try.

The egg diet meal plan is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. For this reason, this kind of diet plan is also low calorie. The egg is the central ingredient for energy in this diet plan. When you are following this diet plan the things that you can include in the diet are

  • eggs – plain, poached or boiled as per your liking
  • water 
  • beverages that are zero-calorie or have low-calorie count.

There can be other ingredients in the diet plan depending on which version you are following. You can adjust the calories and servings based on your body type and activity level.

A few things that the egg diet does not allow are fats like oil and butter, carb-rich foods like rice and potatoes and sugar-rich foods like sweets.

Three main versions of the Egg diet meal for weight loss:

  • Traditional diet plan: In this diet plan, you can intake proteins from various other sources as well. So a traditional egg diet plan is similar to diets wherein the protein intake is high and carb intake is low. Apart from eggs, you can also eat 
    • fruits, limiting 1 or 2 servings per day
    • vegetables that are low in carbs such as spinach, kale, broccoli, etc.
    • lean proteins such as greek yogurt, chicken, white fish, etc.

You will need to avoid high-carb foods like rice, bread, and pasta.

An example of this diet plan for the day could include the following

For Breakfast, you can have two eggs along with low-carb vegetables. Lunch can include some lean protein and salad. Dinner can with either eggs or lean protein with low-carb vegetables. You can make different combinations for weekdays.

  • Egg and Grapefruit diet plan: This diet plan is similar to the traditional one, except with the inclusion of a half grapefruit in each meal. You need to eat eggs and other lean proteins with some low-carb vegetables and grapefruit.

The breakfast in this meal plan could be of two eggs with a half grapefruit. For lunch, with a half grapefruit, you can have spinach and some lean protein. Dinner can again include eggs with a half grapefruit.

  • Ultimate Egg Diet: This meal plan permits only eggs and water. Being very restrictive, people find this meal plan difficult to follow for a longer time. Nutritionists are also of the view that eating one kind of food can lead to deficiencies. So this meal plan should be followed very carefully. 

Is the Egg Diet Meal Plan for weight loss effective?

Eggs do not contain any fiber so this kind of diet plan can cause constipation in some people. There is no such study egg diet for weight loss made easydone on a particular egg diet plan to show how effective or safe it is for weight loss. However, we can take some clues from studies done on the consumption of eggs in diet and their overall effects on weight loss. 

It is very clear that all versions of the Egg diet meal plan for weight loss are low in calories and so they can help people to lose weight in the short term. Long term effects of egg diet are still unknown to us. 

A study done in 2015 to study the effects of a high protein diet said that it can help to prevent type 2 diabetes, obesity and some kind of heart disease. More intake of proteins can help to feel full for a longer time and so a person does not overeat. So a person eating more proteins can easily lose weight. 

Eggs are a rich source of proteins along with vitamins and minerals required by the body. Simply switching to an egg diet cannot be considered a good idea to lose weight. An egg only diet that is very restrictive is hard to follow and it is seen that people regain their lost weight when they return to their normal diet. In a study on obese and overweight people, where a group of people consumed 3 eggs a day were found to lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass as compared to another group that did not eat eggs. 

Is the Egg diet Meal plan safe?

Eggs can be a good source of protein when eaten in a limit. however excessive consumption of eggs can lead to the risk of some medical conditions. 

There is still some controversy regarding the consumption of eggs and Cholesterol. There were two different studies done on adults and one such study concluded that people eating a high amount of dietary cholesterol or eggs are more prone to the risk of strokes and heart attacks. However, the other study showed exactly the opposite results. Researches did a recent study and found no correlation between the consumption of eggs and the risk of stroke.

Another study found that consumption of more than 6 eggs in a week made the person more prone to heart failure, but consuming less than 6 eggs did not increase the same risk. There have been no studies to show the effect of egg meal diet plan on type 2 diabetes. 

Nutritional effects:

An egg only restrictive diet can curb the consumption of some necessary nutrients. Even though eggs contain many necessary minerals and vitamins, they lack in fiber content. Fiber intake is very important for our digestion, heart and overall health. Diets that are rich in proteins or fats can cause other side effects like nausea, headaches or severe digestive problems.

Egg diet for diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is a major issue with most of the urban population. Egg diet can be an answer to stop the spikes of insulin in the body. Protein doesn’t spike the insulin in the body as much as carbohydrates do. Therefore, under proper guidance and support from a diet planner egg diet for weight loss in diabetes can be used.


Even though eggs are a great source of proteins but they should not be the only food in the diet. A restrictive egg diet is can be hard to follow. Egg diet meal plan can help to lose weight in short terms but cannot be considered safe for a long-term plan. Moreover, there is always a risk of weight regaining when the person returns to their normal eating style. Eating only eggs will also curb the consumption of various nutrients that our body requires.

There are many other better ways to lose weight if you can make changes in your lifestyle by eating healthy in moderation and including some exercises in your daily routine.

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