Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy


constipation in pregnancyMany women suffer from constipation during pregnancy. They suffer mostly in the first trimester. Though this is a common problem, still many do not talk about it due to the fear of getting embarrassed.

Constipation is one such problem that we hate to talk about or discuss with others.

We usually want to try over the counter drugs that are available for quick relief, but during the pregnancy, these could prove dangerous.

There are many easy and safe home remedies available for constipation in pregnancy, but still, if you are looking for medicines, it is best to consult your doctor first.

Before we tell you about some easy home remedies for constipation during pregnancy, let us know about the reasons that can cause constipation

Hormonal changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body starts producing more progesterone. This hormone is responsible to slow down the process of digestion.

Morning Sickness

Many pregnant women feel morning sickness during the first trimester. This condition makes it difficult for them to eat and drink water.

Iron Supplements leads to constipation during pregnancy

Pregnant women are often advised to take iron supplements during this time which normally causes constipation during pregnancy.

Dietary Changes

Pregnant women also undergo many dietary changes as they have to provide nutrition to their fetus to grow properly. These dietary changes can cause constipation.

Some Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy can be very painful for women in the early and later stages of pregnancy. Some simple and easy home remedies can give immediate relief safely.

Here are some effective home remedies for women suffering from constipation in pregnancy.

Lemon juice

An easy remedy for constipation during pregnancy

Fresh lemon juice is good for digestion. It also helps to flush out the toxic waste from the body.

Drinking some fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water not only eases the bowel movements to easily pass stools but also arouses the sense of smell.

The concentration of lemon is diluted by adding water and it also helps to the hydrate of the body.


The safest option for constipation in pregnancy

water can relive constipation

Water is the main constituent of our body and it is always advised to drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated. Pregnant women are advised to drink around 10 glasses of water per day.

Water helps to soften the stool and enhances the functioning of digestive organs.

Fibrous fruits

Don’t do it over!

fibrous fruits for constipation

Fibrous foods are very necessary for the smooth functioning of our digestive process. Lack of fiber in our food is a big reason for constipation.

Fruits like oranges are rich in fiber and vitamin C is very helpful to cure constipation during pregnancy.

Our body requires 30gm of fiber daily to function properly.

But, remember many times, some people feel more constipated if they consume too much fiber. So avoid taking the overdose of fibers.

Prune juice

A highly effective remedy for constipation during pregnancy as proved in some researches

prune juice for constipation in pregnancy

Another effective home remedy for constipation during pregnancy is Prune juice. This juice is helpful to soften the stool and thus is a good cure for constipation for all ages.

A 2013 [1] research showed that prune juice is good for the overall health of the digestive tract. It keeps constipation away and also helps to prevent colon cancer.

Dilute prune juice by mixing water and have it up to 5 times in a day. You can also add some lemon juice for taste and extra benefit.

Isabgol Husk

An easy remedy for ages for all types of constipation

isabgol for constipation

Isabgol or Ispagula husk is an age-old remedy for constipation and it is also good for pregnant women. It contains mucilage that dietary fiber that thickens the fecal mass by absorbing the fluid.

When using this remedy lot of water should be consumed daily. Those suffering from any kind of heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid this remedy.

Consult a doctor before trying this remedy for a pregnant woman.


Health with relief in constipation

flaxseed can give comfort in constipation

Flaxseed is also another good remedy to cure constipation in pregnant women. Flax seeds are rich in fiber and Omega 3 which provides much-needed roughage for our digestive process.

Instead of flax seeds, you can also use flaxseed oil for similar benefits. Like most of the other remedies, this one also works best when supplemented with lots of water.


Improves bonding with your partner too

can massage give relief in constipation?

During pregnancy, constipation is a common problem with many women. But if not properly taken care of, it can become severe.

For pregnant women, massage is also an easy remedy to provide some relief. A clockwise motion slow massage on the stomach of a pregnant woman gives instant relief from constipation.

However, if there is any risk of premature birth or any placenta problem, this remedy should be avoided


A natural treatment method for constipation during pregnancy

reflexology for constipation

Reflexology is a natural treatment method. It cures many common problems in the body. Soft pressure is applied at unique points on the palms and feet during the treatment

All our nerves have their points of contact on our palms and feet and applying pressure at fixed points for various body parts can relieve various problems.

To cure constipation during pregnancy or in general, we can massage the upper soles of our feet or the edges of the palm.

You can massage the palm by yourself and ask some of your family members to massage your soles.


Known Chinese solution for many health problems

acupressure is safe for constipation in pregnancy

Acupressure is another healing method that can be helpful to cure constipation during pregnancy. This line of treatment believes that all ailments happen in the body due to the blockage of energy called Qi.

This energy releases by applying pressure on specific points for specific ailments. In case of constipation, apply the pressure on a specific point located in the center of the abdomen, a little below the navel.

This method is suitable and effective in the earlier months of pregnancy.

Complications because of constipation during pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy get self-cured but not treating it properly can cause complications.

If you want to use any kind of laxative, you should first consult your doctor for what kind of laxatives are available and which can be taken.

With the continuous use of laxatives, the digestive system becomes dependent on these medicines and does not tend to “work ” on the functions on its own.

Regular use of laxatives can also cause fluid imbalances in the body and also problems related to diabetes and kidney.


Don’t use laxatives without a proper medical consultation

Laxatives can be used to get relief from constipation during pregnancy. There are two kinds of laxatives available, one that makes the stool soft by adding bulk and others that help in bowel movements by contraction.

Those laxatives which add bulk to the stool can often cause bowel cramps.

A proper prescription from doctors is necessary before taking any kind of laxatives as these can have a lot of side effects.

These natural remedies provide relief to constipation during pregnancy, but if the problem persists, consult the doctor immediately and avoid any complications.

When is Doctor consultation necessary?

Do not take any kind of medicine including laxative and other remedies for constipation during pregnancy without proper consultation with your doctor.

There may be some other symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting, bleeding, etc for which immediate treatment from a doctor should be taken.

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