How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

How to reverse diabetes type 2, is just the story of my experience. How I was a diabetic for 8 years and then in just 7 months I was able to reverse my type 2 diabetes.

This is my own experience, research, and the bigotry of the medico-pharma industry that I am sharing in my story. These are all my viewpoints.

As these are my thoughts and experiences, therefore, I will not ask you or motivate you to follow the same procedure. I am not a doctor nor I am any way authorized to dictate anything related to medicine or treatment.

You can judge for yourself if my explanation of how to reverse diabetes type 2 based on the finding that I mentioned and your own consciousness.

As a patient for 8 years of type 2 diabetes, I think I have the right and the duty to express my anguish and bring out the reality to the world.

The beginning of my journey

Before writing anything further, I want to clear this again that even today there is no official treatment of diabetes in the medical world. Yes, it is definitely that many doctors and researchers now believe that diabetes type 2 can be reversed.

There can be differences in opinion on the path taken to reverse diabetes type 2, but there is no ambiguity that type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

My journey to fight against diabetes has been a difficult journey. It requires a lot of consistency and patience.

It is not a one day or one month process. Rather it demands radical changes in the lifestyle and your outlook towards this disease and treatment.

A keen desire to get rid of medicines and take back your life from this disease is the core of this fight against diabetes.

People who know how to reverse diabetes type 2 leave it in haste or become disillusioned. But if you have walked on this path then believe me that patience is the key to success.

Symptoms of diabetesI was suffering from type 2 diabetes for over 8 years. It all started in 2010. In 2018 I started the process of reversing it after much research.

In 2014, I watched a video. That video was a turning point for me. Before, I never knew that diabetes can be reversed.

By that time, I had suffered a stroke (paralysis) and the doctor suggested to keep my blood glucose under control if I want to live and avoid the next stroke.

I was a smoker, a hard-core smoker. It was normal for me to smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

And worse than anything, I was soon to become a 50-year old man.

My blood pressure stayed around 200/120. Weight 102 kg.  My height is just 157 cm. So you can see, how overweight and hypertensive I was then.

And I was prescribed medicines for all these diseases.  After all, how much one can take?

Well, let’s move forward.

Important: You have to start loving yourself. Your body is its first CD. If the body is healthy, it can withstand a lot.

How to reverse diabetes type 2 – how to start?

Like I said in early 2016, I watched a video that inspired me. And I researched this thing on the Internet for the whole ten days.

I was looking for strong research and scientific shreds of evidence to prove that diabetes type 2 can be corrected or reversed.

And finally, I was able to find out some great researches that clearly proved that it is possible to reverse diabetes type 2.  These researches and results were all over the internet and that made me think that why are our doctors not following them? Do they don’t have the time to find out new things or do they have no courage to go against the popular perceptions?

Or was there something else going on between the medical and pharma community? I am not an authority to judge about that.

And what came out of this researches was horrific. At least for me.

The medication and insulin that I was prescribed for type 2 diabetes were only adding to my problem. Things were getting worse rather than improving.

And one open evidence that I saw was that diabetic patients all across the globe have increased multi-folds proportionally to the advancement in treatment. The situation only got worse.

In short, my medicine and the diet plan were making me sicker and I had to get rid of it.

Before understanding how to reverse diabetes type 2, we have to take care of some basic things.

Let’s go step by step so that you have a clear picture of what was happening and what I did.

Let’s start with the things we usually know.

According to the American Diabetic Association, that time diabetes was a progressive chronic disease. That means there was no going back.

According to the publication of the Harvard Medical School, at that time it was considered an untreated disease. 1 ]

My doctor too suggested that there was no going back and I need to follow a strict regimen of medicines and diet.

But the crux of the entire discussion with him was “do not stop taking medicines”.

Why did I become a diabetic?

When was my diabetes detected?

My father was suffering from diabetes for a pretty long time. He was in the army and had a very active life before retirement.

He was diagnosed for diabetes 2 years after his retirement.

Might be that is one of the reasons why I became a diabetic. If you have a family history then you are at a greater risk of having this disease.

Well, like every month, he went to the doctor for a routine checkup and I was accompanying him.

The assistant there was using a blood test glucometer to check the sugar level before meeting the doctor.

Being curious I also got my blood tested and the results shocked me. I was a pre diabetic. The blood glucose level was 150.

As it is obvious I was not educated about this disease. Without knowledge, the only thing my mind could have done is to panic.

I decided to talk to the doctor.

The first drug that he prescribed me was Metformin. I have discussed this in detail below.

I had been through a long journey as a diabetic. I had struggled hard to reverse diabetes type 2. And therefore, now, I know that  Metformin only increased my problems.

Let me tell you that the job of metformin is to remove sugar from the blood and store it in your liver and muscles. That means the glucose still remains in your body. You are not free from it.

I was also asked to meet the dietician. This is a routine procedure when you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

The dietician suggested to me various diet plans and precautions. In short, I was asked to avoid oil or fat. Maximum fat intake should not be more than 5-10%. Protein should not be more than 25% of the total diet.

That leaves room for 65-70% carbohydrates for my daily calorie needs.

And I was expected to eat my food in a small portion multiple times a day. The reason that was told to me was that there should be no sudden rise in the sugar level.

70% carbohydrates? Are you kidding me? [This is why I feel now while typing this line]

How did the situation deteriorate?

Initially, I paid a lot of attention to every instruction that I was given.

Took medicines in a disciplined way. Started walking a little every day, eating on time and in small portions. Used to eat small portions 5-7 times a day.

The only target and mission were not to let the glucose level increase in my body.

I was following a disciplined regimen until after a year or so my blood glucose level started rising again.

In one instance it was around 250 post-meal.

To control my sugar levels my doctor prescribed insulin-secretion enhancers. These are the drugs that increase the production of insulin in your body. I was now taking two types of drugs. One was the Metformin and another was a drug to increase insulin secretion.

Fast forward to 2017.

By then I had to take four tablets a day just to control my sugar level. There were other tablets too, but let us just focus on the sugar level.

I had to take more drugs than ever before. Although, I was following all instructions.

The biggest shock of life

2017 I suffered a stroke. There was a clot in my brain that affected the left side of my body. The stroke was not severe but it was an eye-opener.

And the core reason, that I was told by the doctors, was my high blood sugar level.

How can that be possible? That was my anguish then.

Let me tell you one thing clearly. If you have any prediabetic condition then it is the right time you start doing everything right. Or else you will end up in a hospital bed like me.

Let’s move forward.

I was taking all types of medicines and eating a “healthy” diet. But still, I had to face all that. And that meant that there was something wrong going on.

I surfed the internet for hours to know the reason but to no use. Until, one day, I started my search with the keyword “can diabetes be cured”?

All the answers were no. But, there was a video on the search list. That video is from a well known Indian dietician who claimed that he can fix diabetes in three days with some sort of diet. He can “reverse” diabetes type 2.

Before that, I had no idea of the word “reverse”.

Now you will ask me why am I not sharing that video with you here?

Sorry, but even that video had lots of flaws.

For example, it said that fruits are good for diabetic patients. He suggested that one should take lots of fruits before noon.

The fact is that fruits are full of fructose. Fructose is not detected in a blood sugar test. It gets accumulated in your liver and glycogen is released whenever the blood glucose level in your body decreases.

That was the first shocker. Read more and you will get many such shocks.

Post stroke

My sugar level at that time was HbA1c of 9.4. And an average glucose level of around 250 and sometimes it reaches around 300. If you have diabetes, then you will know that HBA1 is the most accurate way to know diabetes.

Below is a screenshot of my report. In it, you will see that my HBA1c was 9.7. This is a dangerous level.

Criteria for diabetes

What did I do after that?

Pre-diabetic symptoms

Before I move ahead let me give you a quick tip of detecting diabetes. These might be prediabetic symptoms too. But, if you have any one or more of these symptoms then you are sure to become a diabetic one day.

  1. Frequent thirst
  2. No satisfaction even after eating a full meal. Or excessive hunger.
  3. Feeling like there is no energy in the body. The mind is always tired.
  4. Increased urination or urge to urinate.
  5. The blurring of vision.
  6. Hypertension.
  7. High cholesterol levels
  8. High Triglycerides levels

Know the pre-diabetic conditions before planning a diabetes treatment.

The answer to how to reverse diabetes type 2 is hidden in it.

One thing I understood from my research is that I did not suddenly become type 2 diabetic overnight. Before understanding how to reverse diabetes type 2, you must understand that you can remain pre-diabetic for many years.

There is the catch. The sooner you start the better results you get.

Pre-diabetic is the condition when your blood glucose is higher than normal. But it is not high enough to officially call you a diabetic.

Pre-diabetic and then diabetes type 2 stage

Always remember that you have become a pre-diabetic because of some or many reasons. It can be your lifestyle, it can be your stress or anything else. There are many reasons why you become prediabetic.

See the video to know why you become a prediabetic.

Or see the pre diabetes symptom video here

When and how do you become pre-diabetic? 

There is no exact reason why you become pre-diabetic. To understand this, you have to understand by taking a broad view. One or several reasons can bring you to this situation.

I have given some reasons below.

But always keep in mind one thing. You start talking about diabetes resistance or insulin resistance and believe. This will make a difference in thinking. Your focus should be on increasing insulin more than glucose.

Increase in waist size:

This is the first and most important sign. And much more common. The irony is that nobody pays attention to.

Always pay attention to reducing waist size . This will improve many things.

Sedentary lifestyle.

This is another major cause that people are becoming pre-diabetics. If you are living a sedentary life then you are accumulating lots of calories around your waist.

Pay attention to your food.

Our body gets energy from many sources. We measure energy in calories.

So the calories we get nowadays are mostly from carbohydrates. Fast food and processed foods are the two major source of carbs, salt and sugar.

The funny thing is that people give up sugar to control calorie intake. But, ignore carbs. Although, carbs immediately convert to sugar as soon as they reach your body.

So eat less carbohydrates.

Hereditary reason

As in my case, my father had diabetes. So the chances of me getting diabetes increased.

But, this is equally true that if I led a healthy lifestyle I would have never got this disease.

Level of metabolism

You must have seen many times that your friend who is lean, eats more than you. But it is not thick.

Even if you eat half of it, you keep growing.

This is because your metabolism is slower than that.

So you should concentrate on increasing your metabolism.

Smokers are more at risk.

Smokers are the most at risk. Sugar is not necessarily caused by smoking, but due to smoking, many such factors are produced which can make you pre diabetic.

little sleep

Sleep is very important. Increase of stress hormone or stress hormone in the body due to less sleep. It also increases obesity.

First step of my treatment

Now we can talk on how to reverse diabetes type 2. Because you understand the basics.

I was told when I started treatment about 10 years ago

1 – sugar completely off.

2- Increased insulin or lowered blood glucose

3- Have a little food several times a day.

In the 4-diet plan, I was asked to keep a ratio of 60:20:20. Which contains 60% carbohydrates and 20-20% fat and protein.

5- And 30 minutes a day walking

As I have said, I started with metformin and then other medicines were added later.

And believe it. Three of these things were such that my situation was worsening. And this is happening with everyone.

Now I explain one by one and maybe it opens your eyes.

The most emphasis is on eating right as soon as diabetes is detected. The doctor asks you to meet a dietician and the diet states some such plan.

The diet plan given to me was as follows.

Note: If you know the truth then you will not follow it. I understood this later.

1- Morning tea without sugar. sugar? Never
2- Breakfast, mostly protein which includes sprouted grains, etc.
3- Lunch – I was told to leave as much rice as possible. Only two to three chapattis without ghee. No paranthas are allowed. Lunch should include vegetables, lentils, salads etc.
4- Evening breakfast with tea. Snacks will carry Namkeen or fiber-rich biscuits.
5- Dinner is almost the same as lunch but salad should include more of it.
6- A few almonds or akharod etc. once a day.

Overall, I had to drink something from 7 to 4 times a day.  

And all this so that glucose does not grow in the body. Pay attention to calories.

And Ho was the opposite.

In my research, I came to know that this diet plan I was following was making me more sick.

As I said above, the problem was not my glucose. The root of the problem was insulin. The more the insulin increases in the body, the more the body will be resistant to insulin or will increase resistance by saying Y.

So the one who used to eat 2-3 times in the past is now eating 7-8 times. Now, I am now processing insulin more than twice in my body.

Should be upside down. Which I also went ahead.

Protecting the body from insulin attacks. For that I started eating only twice. Used to eat a lot.

And whatever he ate, he ate in 7 hours of the day. So obviously the remaining 17 hours did not increase the insulin level in my body. Instead of having to face the body of insulin again and again, he had to face only twice, that too within just 4 hours.

This type of eating is called intermittent fasting. I have written a separate article on this site.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting in Diabetes.

Like I said, your full emphasis should be on not letting insulin grow again and again. So what will you do for that

1- Either you will eat the entire meal in a day or two.

2- Or else you will eat the rest of the time so that insulin does not increase in the body.

I did both. Because in the beginning you cannot stay hungry for 18 hours. So I started taking apple cider vinegar in the morning to satisfy my hunger. Also, I had beaten coffee twice in those 14 hours to control the earthquake and increase metabolism.

And those who are doing diet planners or doctors right now are the opposite. Because like I said the problem is insulin. And the medicine you are eating works to increase insulin. And if insulin increases, diabetes will increase further. So next time the doctor will give you more strong medicine. And this affair goes on.

Is a famous doctor who opened the eyes of the world on intermittent fasting and diabetes reverberation. Dr. Fung is a famous name in America. He has reverse diabetes of thousands of patients. “Without medicine or by reducing medicine”.

Dr. Fung  writes an article 2 ] .

The first glimpse of the truth was revealed when I read Dr. Fung.

He says the following in the article, which I have translated below.

How is insulin resistance

“When insulin levels remain high for a long period, it fills the liver or liver with glucose and fat. Like an inflated balloon. And when there is so much pressure in the liver that it cannot store more glucose then glucose remains in the blood. This is what we call insulin resistance. “

And then in this article itself, he says further that if you understand this whole Gorakhanda business will stop.

It has a thicker translation like this.

“The liver gets busy in depositing fat in other parts of the body. In this process, it also accumulates fat on the pancreas and eventually clogs or stops the pancreas completely. Insulin manufacturing stops. This is a protective step by the liver. Because high insulin is the primary cause of diabetes type 2, and reducing insulin is a safe step “

now you understand.

The medicine that is being given to you, what is going on is doing exactly the opposite. It is adding more glucose to your liver. And your pancreas is being taken to the brink of closure.

So your first step should be to eat the entire food in 5-6 hours instead of eating small meals 4-7 times. 

However, what Dr. Fung said was eye-opening and very important information. I was more shocked at this. Then another dangerous thing came to know.

And that was the medicine given to me. And the last few months that I was taking insulin.

Medicine which was worsening my condition by increasing insulin.

You understand that you should not let insulin grow. But the medicine which was being given or which was injecting insulin directly into the body, they were all increasing the insulin itself.

That is why I thought of getting advice from a doctor.

Surprisingly, from one end of the doctor, these recharges and truth were dismissed.

Then I took a simple solution.

First I immediately stopped bringing insulin separately.

It was known that eating sugar, carbohydrate or protein would increase sugar. So I stopped sugar and carbohydrate completely.

I started taking my complete diet plan only on salad, egg, sprouted gram, mung etc. and ghee butter. Which means carbohydrate, milk, and sweet tapering off.

What was the result?

On the third day of the first week, I got dizzy in the evening. Hypoglycemic state. Sugar in the body has reduced. While there was only three days of discontinuing insulin.

The nausea was clear. My insulin level was increasing in the body from the pill I was taking and my condition was getting worse and worse. So I stopped the bullets from the first day of the second week. Just take the metformin pill twice a day.

The third week I started walking 4-5 km without forgetting every day. Day, or evening or night. I only walk when I get time. But 4-5 kilometers together.

Now I walk 10 km. But it was the beginning and the first day was very pleasant. But it is important to stand firm.

And by the end of the third week, I was rid of medicines.

The fourth and fifth weeks were filled with difficulties. I used to check my glucose 7-8 times a day. If the carbohydrate was stopped, the question of suddenly increasing glucose does not arise. But we all say the first grain of life is full of carbohydrates. Our body gets used to carbohydrates.

It took me seven whole months to reverse diabetes.

I still cannot give complete answer to how to reverse diabetes type 2. Because I am not a doctor. Therefore, whatever I speak, I can speak only on the basis of research.

And research tells me that we are being cheated.

Below, I have removed the curtain from everything on one by one. How we are made a permanent patient with medicines. How we are forced to eat medicine. Read it yourself and decide.

And the information given will only help you in diabetes revival.

Why diabetes medicines increase obesity?

The medicines that were given to me, all those injected were increasing insulin. And my weight was increasing along with it. And the reason was revealed later.

A study [ 3 ] says that

” Insulin Causes Obesity!” You cannot treat diabetes with insulin. Every doctor who prescribes insulin knows this. “

Have you ever heard the name Lipo Hypertrophy. People who take insulin injections may know.

The place where insulin is injected on the stomach or somewhere under the skin, it becomes an inflammation. It is formed because fat starts accumulating at the place where insulin is taken.

That knot is a knot of fat. So when there will be more insulin in the body, then you think that said fat will not be frozen.

And then there is a famous test 3 ] . A diagnostic test that also points in the same direction

The study of diabetes control and complications studied the effect of intensive diabetes treatment on body weight and composition of adults with type 1 diabetes. The results of which were as follows.

Insulin increases body weight

Does insulin cause weight gain?

what does this mean?

This means that the higher the insulin in your body, the more fat will be stored.

But with increasing weight, diabetes worsens further. We all know this Then why were I given insulin injections and insulin-enhancing drugs?

Food should not be eaten many times a day, but only once or twice.

Like I said above, Dietition told me to eat small portions 7-8 times a day.

But a research clearly says that eating only twice a day can improve insulin resistance or diabetes type 2.

It says research [ 4 ]

Eating only twice a day reduces glucose level and insulin resistance. Eating several times a day increases insulin resistance.

I am giving the flow of this research below. You will understand by looking at how the reverse Ganga is being shed.

How to reverse diabetes type 2

Therefore, it is natural to feel angry after understanding this research, why after trying to increase insulin in my body repeatedly by asking me to eat 7-8 times. Is it not right that on the very first day the doctor would tell me that you do not have to eat food more than two times a day?

Millions of people like me and I would have avoided going into such a bad situation.

Lie about fat

Fat is not bad for diabetic patients. I also came to know from this research. 

Yes yes I was told from day one that fat is bad. This thing is spoken to everyone.

But research says that fat is good rather than bad.

But why?

Because fat does not increase insulin in your body when you eat it.

Carbohydrate increases by eating.

Yes, one thing is worth noting here. Every fat 5 ] is  not good for the body. For example, if you eat refined oil which is full of saturated fat, then it will cause damage. But if you eat monounsaturated or unsaturated fats like ghee, it will be good. Because ghee contains omega 3 which is good for the body and for the heart or heart.

But remember, fat is also increased by eating more fat. But eating fat normal amount is not a waste but only benefit.

You will be surprised that keto diet, which is completely fat based diet, has proved very beneficial in diabetes. Well, we will discuss it at some other time. Just understand that you should not be afraid of fat. If you eat fat within your calorie requirement of the day, then it will only help in diabetes.

Fat does not cause insulin spikes. Therefore, insulin resistance also does not increase.

But then I was told to stay away from fats. I only hated fat for about 5 years. And even then the weight increased.

Ghee is good for me? beyond belief.

For the last 5 years I have been avoiding it completely.

We were using a well-known brand made from soy as a cooking oil. And what I found was that soy was useless.

Go back to peanut or mustard oil which is cold press.

Eat ghee regularly because it is the only vegetarian source that contains omega 3 and being an Indian, even if it is half a teaspoon, I can eat it. However, take care of the total calories of the day. If you eat anything more than that, weight and diabetes will increase.

Carbohydrate is the killer.

Carbohydrates are killers. You cannot cure diabetes nor can you reverse diabetes by eating carbohydrates. 

In a research 6 ] two groups of patients were formed.

One group was kept on a carbohydrate diet for a few weeks. The second group was kept on a completely carbohydrate diet.

To see whose weight increases and type insulin resistance is high.

What do you think? Fat people will be in bad shape.


Surprise surprise surprise

The group that ate a fat diet showed positive improvement in problems such as fatty liver, insulin resistance and weight gain.

While all the symptoms were reversed in the fat-restricted diet group. He was at a loss.

See the results below 6 ]

All fat diet controls insulin and diabetes

Wow. In the dietitian diet plan that was telling me, it was 60% carbohydrate. Why was I told the opposite?

Is this all trick to make money from companies? Or are doctors not aware of these updated Reservations due to this reason?

I cannot make this decision.

The truth is bitter

I know that I am not a doctor nor was I trained as a diet planner at that time. But the truth is true. It cannot be turned around.

I told you my experience. Decision you

In short, I am again telling you what to do and what not to do.

1- Stop eating many small meals in a day. Eat only twice or once. And if the earthquake does not bear the rest of the time, then eat something that does not increase insulin.

2- Give up laziness. Not much exercise, but at least you walked 5-7 km in a day. There will be trouble in the beginning. But slowly, it will be fun.

3- I stopped taking medicine step by step. I cannot give you this year. But if you eat less carbohydrates in the first week, and start walking and exercising, then your glucose level will remain low. So you can change the medicine after consulting the doctor.

4- Stop taking carbohydrates. I have not eaten roti rice for 1 year. Believe me as an Indian you have thousands of such dishes which are very low in carbohydrate. However, if you are not able to miss it, then reduce it as much as possible. Eat salad, lentils, butter, ghee etc. I tell you a funny thing The vegetable that is made in Indian homes is the best. It contains a lot of nutrients, may contain fat and protein, but carbs are very little or no.

5- Drink tea without milk and sugar, then drink. Because you do not eat anything throughout the day, even a cup of milk tea can increase insulin in your body. I drink coffee without sugar. Tea too without milk sugar. There is difficulty in the beginning but later it becomes habit. You can only do so much to stay alive.

At least once in 4 to 24 hours, you were hungry for 13 hours. If you take sugar syrup then you can adjust the time of medicines on the advice of the doctor. Because glucose decreases in the blood in 13 hours and then your liver balances the amount of glucose in the blood by making glycogen into glucose. This also benefits the liver.

4 – Sleep in darkness for at least 5-4 hours without stopping. You would say that everyone recommends sleeping for 6-7 hours. But here it is important to understand that everyone’s body needs different sleep. My work goes well in 5 hours of sleep. You should know your address. This is a jury. More or less gold damages both.

7 – You have to take special care of one thing. You need to measure it once and write it down even if you need your daily calories. And then eat whatever you say daily according to that calorie. If you eat 50-100 calories less than necessary, then it will be beneficial too. But do not eat more than necessary.

Try to use carb-free recipes only. Or eat low carb recipes .

After understanding how to reverse diabetes type 2, you must be getting curious about what is my situation now.

So while writing this article, my parameters were the following.

1- My glucose level never goes above 120.
2-My H1B1c is around
3- 3- Body stamina is better than many before. I walk 10 kilometers without stopping and do not even breathe.
4- The negativity is over. I face problems well.
5- Skin loosening is over. What is so bad when this happens at the age of 50?
6- I am full of positive energy and helping others. I learned carpentry, plumbing, indoor farming and also got a diploma in diet planning. May be an IT professional, I do all the repairs of my house, making furniture myself. Saves a lot of money.
7- Blood pressure, which was previously average 210/110, now remains 140/90.
कोलेस्ट्रॉल – Cholesterol levels remain perfect.
Answer: My digestion has improved.
10- Heart beat remains below 40.
11 – When the weakness of paralysis disappeared, it was not known.
12- Weight decreased from 102 to 9. 


[1] Harward School Publication: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

[2] Dr. Fung: Towards Reversing Type 2 Diabetes




[6] 1906-P: Effects of a Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet on Hepatic Lipid Content in Adolescents with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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