Weight Loss Diet Plan- Basics

Today I am giving you the basics of our diet plan. Please read before you begin the diet plan.

This plan is easy to follow because it includes ingredients from Indian cuisines only. These ingredients are easily available in the market.

Important: You should first know your daily calorie requirement and then chose the appropriate plan for you. The plans are for three different daily calorie requirements. Up to 1200, between 1200-1400 and between 1400-1700. Before you see your appropriate plan please read a few important tips. 

To know the daily calorie requirement visit this page:

link to calorie calculator

How to use the calorie calculator?

It is simple to calculate your daily calorie requirement.

If you want to lose weight it will also show you the number of calories you need to take daily to reduce 1-2 pounds or almost upto1 kg per week.

Write your daily calorie target somewhere to ensure you do not forget it.

Now, every week you will get a diet plan ranging from 1200-1800 calorie requirements.

Go to your range and follow that plan.

how to use daily calorie calculator

I have been eating normal food, but then why did I gain weight?

Weight gain is due to multiple factors. The first and foremost factor is metabolism.

In your own home, you might have seen people eating the same food in the same quantity as you. But, they do not gain weight quickly.

This is because their metabolism is fast and yours is slow.

There are other factors too that we will discuss in the future. But, as of now focus on the recipes, the diet plan and the metabolism.

So how can I increase metabolism? 

Metabolism can be increased for the best results in weight loss diet plan

Here are 5 easy ways to increase your metabolism naturally.

1- Exercise

exercise can increase metabolismA sedentary lifestyle is enough for your body to understand that not much energy is required. Thus the body reduces metabolism and starts storing fat.

If you start with light exercises, brisk walking, or jogging you can increase your metabolism drastically.

Remember as you maintain a proper routine of exercise daily, then in a few days, the body adapts. Your metabolism will not decrease but it will also not increase as it increased initially.

The body usually takes around months to adapt to such change.

But, with my personal experience, I can say that in the first three months you can easily lose a lot of weight.

2- Coffee

can coffee improve metabolism?Most of the Indians take a cup of tea or coffee to start their day. A cup of black coffee without sugar can boost your metabolism. Especially, if you are a regular person as far as exercise is concerned then coffee can do miracles for you. [1]

Coffee is also known for other benefits when it comes to health.

In controlling insulting surges black coffee is one of the best substitutes of other beverages that people usually take.

Coffee can also help you control the hunger crunch thus making it possible to stay away from food for a prolonged period of time.

But, remember taking too much coffee can harm you.

3-Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vineger in indian weight loss recipesApple cider vinegar is known for it role in improving metabolism.

There have been a few studies that suggest that taking apple cider vinegar daily empty stomach can improve the metabolic rate. [2]

The best way is to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of normal water and drink it early morning. It should be taken empty stomach for the best results in weight loss.

can yoga increase metabolism?4- Yoga and Pranayam

Pranayam and Yoga are known to improve the overall health and structure of the body. It is also accepted by many that yoga and Pranayam can enhance metabolism.

I was not able to find any scientific study to prove this effect. But, with my own personal experience, I can vouch for that.

So don’t stop yourself from doing Pranayam and yoga on a regular basis. It will only benefit you.

5- Cold Water

The surprise entry in this list is cold water. cold water is know to increase metabolism

You might have heard of using lukewarm water to stay healthy. But, cold water can boost up your metabolism instantly.

In a study, [3] it was found that more than 40% of participants experienced weight loss. They drank half a liter of cold water before every meal.

This was significantly more than the participants who did not drink cold water before their meals.

So don’t shy away from cold water. And you should know the difference between cold water and chilled water.

We are in a habit of using chilled water that might be harmful.

What should be my daily timetable?

I usually do not stress at a precise time table.

In our Indian diet plan for weight loss, we stress more or less upon the sequence.

So let us keep the sequence as simple as possible.

1- Early morning empty stomach routine. 

This is the first important part of the daily plan.

An empty stomach has a lot many elements that can give you the early boost in your weight loss program.

Your body has taken the rest it required (I assumed that you had a good sleep). And it is enthusiastically ready to jump into action with full fervor.

1- So freshen up and go out for a walk. 

If it is raining outside or you are not in a mood then start with some yoga and floor exercise in your home. 

Walking, bicycling, jogging, running, floor exercise, etc, can give you the first thrust to begin your day and keep active day long. 

2- Once you have done then take a cup of black coffee or apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon mixed with a glass of water)

3- Don’t forget to go out in the sun for 5-15 minutes depending on how hot it is outside. 

2- Breakfast

If you are an obese person and want to lose weight fast then breakfast is a no-go-zone for you.

Since childhood, we have been taught that a heavy breakfast is a must. But, my experience is just the opposite.

A breakfast or for that matter a heavy breakfast is the worst thing you can do in a weight loss program.

Let me explain why breakfast is not good during weight loss

Your body has roughly three energy sources

Sugar that you eat in the form of sugar, carbohydrate, or protein.

Glycogen that is stored in your liver or muscles

Ketones, that are produced when fat is used by the body for energy.

So in short, the more fat dependent your body is the more fat it burns.

To reach the fat stored in your body you will have to first deplete the glucose and glycogen level.

To use all the glucose you consumed the other night, the body usually takes around 12-14 hours. That is an average time for a person with normal metabolism.

As the glucose depletes your body uses the stored glycogen to maintain the sugar levels.

There is enough glycogen stored in the liver and muscles that can sustain you for 24 to 48 hours without any meal.

So if you don’t spend those first crucial 13 hours between the meals (Dinner and Breakfast) you will never push your body to start consuming glycogen.

But, to begin with, we will be giving breakfast options for the next two months and then you can gradually try to leave this habit.

The thumb rule is to give a gap of more than 13 hours between two meals.  So you should try to avoid breakfast and focus on lunch. 

3- Lunch

Take your lunch 13 hours after your dinner. Not before.

Take 70% of the calories of your total daily calorie requirement

4- Evening 

Take a cup of black coffee. No snacks or anything else is advised.

If you don’t like coffee then take a cup of green tea. Let me tell you that green tea is of no use as such when it comes to weight loss.

Still, if you cannot resist your temptation for daily Tea then take a cup of tea with less milk and no sugar. You can use sugar-free tablets and one or two tablets daily are good.

5- Dinner

To start with you can eat your dinner 11 hours after your lunch.

Take the remaining 30-35% calories during dinner.

Having understood the above tips and rules let me now give you the diet plan for this week.

Weight Loss Diet plan – week 1

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