मधुमेह टाइप २

Diabetes: A Worldwide Pandemic

Overseeing Type 2 diabetes has become a worldwide issue as it is running at pestilence levels in the United States and around the globe. Diabetes is one of various interminable conditions — alongside malignant growth, cardiovascular and respiratory maladies — that is driving a considerable lot of the top medical …

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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Autoimmune

Sickness Pathology and Pathogenesis (Cell Level) Type 1 diabetes is an immune system infection that is totally not the same as Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is otherwise called insulin-subordinate diabetes; and, used to be alluded to as adolescent diabetes since it influenced basically kids. Nonetheless, that has changed …

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home remedy for constipation in pregnancy

Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy

CAUSE      |      REMEDIES FOR CONSTIPATION IN PREGNANCY  Many women suffer from constipation during pregnancy. They suffer mostly in the first trimester. Though this is a common problem, still many do not talk about it due to the fear of getting embarrassed. Constipation is one such problem …

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home remedies for constipation

Home Remedies for Constipation

We often rush to a medical store to get a quick relief solution from constipation, but here are the best home remedies for constipation Constipation is a common problem that many of us face every day but we avoid talking about it.  We can talk about problems like body ache …

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nutrition info of banana

Nutrition Info For a Banana

Nutrition info for a banana is quite unique and it may vary little depending upon the type of banana. A fully ripened banana has high sugar content and falls under high glycemic food. Whereas a half ripened banana has a bit low sugar content and falls under low glycemic food. …

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health safety during solar eclipse India

Health Precautions During Solar Eclipse In India

Since ancient times Indians have considered eclipse as a bad omen. Therefore there are modern and ancient suggestions about precautions during solar eclipse in India. Time and Date of Solar Eclipse in India what is solar eclipse time in India? Solar eclipse India time is June 21, 2020, Sunday,  between …

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genetically modified mosquitoes

Oxitec GMO Mosquitoes Gets Approval in the USA

Can genetically Oxitec GMO mosquitoes help in curbing the spread of deadly diseases like Malaria, yellow fever, and Dengue? This was a big question that was being asked since this idea was even thought.  Scientists have been working for a long time for better ways to remove and reduce the …

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