torai moong dal recipe

Torai in Moong Dal Recipe – Low Calorie – Low Carb

Torai in Moong Dal is a another healthy variation of simple moong dal. By adding Torai in the dal we get extra fiber and proteins. Easy, simple and nutritious dal. Servings:4 This recipe will suffice 1 serving to 4 people. Calories in each serving :56 One serving of Dal will …

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Soya Keema Recipe

Soya Keema Recipe low in calories and full of proteins. This is an easy to make curry and can be served with Rice and Roti Servings-4 One preparation will give 1 serving for 4 people Calories:105 Each serving of Keema Soya Recipe will give 105 calories Ingredients of Keema Soya …

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keema gobhi matar recipe

Keema Gobhi Matar Recipe

Keema Gobhi Matar Recipe is a great side dish with minced cauliflower and green peas. Easy to cook recipe is low calorie and low carb for weight loss diet. Servings:4 One preparation  will give 1 serving to 4 people. Calories:58 Each serving of Keema Gobhi Matar will give 58 calories …

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basis of weight loss diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan- Basics

Today I am giving you the basics of our diet plan. Please read before you begin the diet plan. This plan is easy to follow because it includes ingredients from Indian cuisines only. These ingredients are easily available in the market. Important: You should first know your daily calorie requirement …

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weight loss salad recipe

Salad For Weight Loss

Salad for weight loss is one of the most popular recipes that people search on the internet. It is assumed that any salad will help in weight loss. The truth is that not all salads are made for weight loss. If your salad has ingredients that have carbohydrates or a …

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karela kadhi recipe

Karela Kadhi Recipe

Karela Kadhi Recipe is suitable for diabetic people. This unique dish is helpful to beat summer heat and it is low calorie too. Taste best with steamed rice. Servings:4 One preparation will give 1 serving for 4 people Calories:68 Each serving of Karela Kadhi will give 68 calories Ingredients of  …

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cucumber chana dal recipe

Cucumber Chana Dal Recipe

Cucumber Chana Dal Recipe is a unique mix of Cucumber in normal chana dal to give it extra taste. This dal is is low in calories and carbohydrates. Suitable for Weight loss. Servings:4 One preparation will give 1 serving to 4 people. Calories:155 One serving of Cucumber Chana dal will …

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Dal Panchratni Recipe

Dal Panchratni Recipe as the name suggest is a combination of 5 dals. Rich in nutrients and low carbohydrates. Very healthy low calorie dal to be eaten with Roti and Rice. Servings:4 One preparation will give 1 servings for 4 people. Calories:162 One serving gives you 162 calories. Ingredients of …

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mix vegetable kadhi recipe

Vegetable Kadhi Recipe

Vegetable Kadhi Recipe with loads of vegetables to make it healthy and tasty. This low calorie version tastes best with Rice. Suitable for weight loss diet. Servings:4 One preparation will give you 4 servings. calories:115 Each serving contains 115 calories. Ingredients of Vegetable Kadhi Recipe 2 tbsp besan (bengal gram …

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Methi toor dal recipe

Methi Toor Dal Recipe Low Calorie

Methi Toor Dal Recipe is a very nutritious and healthy  version of Dal. It tastes  great with Roti and Rice. Low in calories, low in carbohydrates, this dal is suitable for weight loss. Servings: 6 One preparation will give you one serving for 6 people. Calories:110 Each serving has 110 …

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